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Often, our loved ones who have passed and our spirit guides send us signs. They want us to know they are with us, they care, and love us. Sometimes it is to comfort us. Learn to recognize these signs as they can be important.

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Just breathe. Mindful breathing, also called relaxation breathing or belly breathing will optimize oxygen intake. This reduces anxiety and benefits tissues near the heart.

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love your brain

Love your Brain

Taking care of your brain is part of your overall wellness. If you cannot concentrate, have trouble sleeping, trouble remembering and accomplishing tasks, feel grouchy, grind your teeth, have high blood pressure, are short of breath, or feel faint or dizzy, these could be signs of stress which leads to the imbalances in the brain.

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Gregg Braden: World Age

The New World Age is here and this book explains it. Gregg Braden is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of spirituality. He is a five-time New York Times bestselling author, scientist, international educator and pioneer in the emerging paradigm bridging science, social policy and human potential.

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