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Our loved ones who have passed and our spirit guides often send us signs. They want us to know they are with us, they care, and love us. Sometimes it is to comfort us. Numbers are very common signs. If it’s a birthday, address, or other significant number of a loved one who has passed, it means they are with you offering help, comfort, and love. Animals can be signs. If your mom loved cardinals, for instance and a cardinal suddenly appears; it means she is with you. A sudden idea or solution to a problem is often a sign from you angels and guides. They are helping you to do whatever it is you are facing. A particular song may come on the radio with your loved ones name, or their favorite song. People you meet can be earth angels. We can all be earth angels to other people. For example, you get a flat tire and a passer by stops to change the tire for you, happily. That is an earth angel. Flickering lights or technology issues can be a sign from spirits. A familiar scent, one a loved one used, is a sign from that person. Dreams can bring messages to us. Sudden thoughts of a loved one or a particular symbol they used, which suddenly shows up, indicates they are with you. They want you to recognize their guidance and love. Sometimes it requires some research, but oftentimes you will know exactly what it means. Be open to receiving the signs. They are always coming, it’s just that we don’t choose to see them. Focus on receiving the signs, know they are always coming, and soon you will begin to recognize and appreciate them. Not only will the signs make you feel great, they can be very helpful.

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