It was a pleasure for me to take this wonderful, strong, unusual session with you. Through the years, I have done a lot of energy healing sessions with different healers in many countries such as United States, Jordan, and Kuwait and so on using many different healing techniques. To be honest with you, your session was the strongest so far. I strongly felt the energy. I felt that we were both working on the session (I don’t know) like there was a telepathy between us. I enjoyed the session and I can tell how strong it was. I felt that you have worked on my jaw like a doctor doing surgery to fix it. To be clear, in the past years, I had problems in my jaws, and I hope that yes you have done something to it. I just wanted to mention that I am looking forward for the next sessions.
Saudi Arabia - (Distance Healing)
I am Rania. I had a session with you on last Monday. I preferred to wait few days before giving you a feedback on last session. Firstly, thank you so much, I feel like I have been rebirthed as my birthday was the following day to the session (on Tuesday, June 9). I felt and still feel my heart is so open and started to be more expressive and less judgemental on myself (I must say that I used to be very harsh on myself especially on the emotional level). Also, my sleeping hours became shorter but with better quality since the session. I must say also that the negative impulses and thoughts are gone by 80-90% since the time of the session. During the time of the session I saw the face of a family member who had died in 2010 (he was older than me by a year or two and we used to be friends and play together in my childhood). Also, I felt like I needed to open my mouth widely or stretch it for few seconds then, close and relax, I did that and happened 4-6 times during the session. So, what you said does really make sense to me.
Glasgow, UK
My experience with Ted was truly healing and transformational. I became more clear as to why I was having such an emotional hardship and in his supportive environment I was able to clear so much negativity and fear. And Ted and his wife are wonderful people and were extremely supportive through the entire experience. After my energy sessions I would feel a sense of calm and slowly but surely feel my extreme anxiety start to dissipate as we worked together. If you are looking to help yourself heal from emotional distress or release trapped emotional pain like I was you are in the right place.
Jacksonville, FL
I now know why the pain in my feet has been with me for years. I have recovered from this problem significantly. The Body Code is right on target!
Jacksonville, FL
With The Emotion Code I overcame the feelings of inferiority that I experienced in the workplace. By letting go of the trapped emotions low self esteem, unworthiness, and helplessness, I have become confident and secure. Even my colleagues have noticed the difference!
St. John's, FL
My problems with my digestive system led me to several doctors and many medical tests with limited results. I decided to try a more natural approach and discovered Reconnective Healing with Ted. Following three sessions, my problem has improved significantly.
Jacksonville, FL
I’ve had great emotional release working with Ted and The Emotion Code. My anger and frustration, as well as the pain I held in my shoulder have all disappeared. Best of all, this was a distance healing. I never had to leave my home.
Lake City, FL
Being a product of the environment of the Chernoble nuclear reactor explosion, I suffered from overactive thyroid disease. I was on medication for ten years, which was detrimental to my over-all health. Various test results indicated to my physician that I was not a good candidate for surgery. I had six distance healings with Ted. Following these healings, my medical tests indicated SUCH improvement, that I was able to have the surgery to have my thyroid removed. My surgery was very successful, no complications, healing was quick, and no side effects. Now I feel healthy and normal. Although the distance between us was so great, over the Atlantic Ocean to Eastern Europe, I felt like Ted was right next to me during each healing. The energy felt so strong and real. My husband could not believe this could be done. We are still in awe.
Poland - (Distance Healing)
I had terrible pain in my arm. I could not move it, I couldn’t sleep or find relief. I was very skeptical, but I didn’t want to go through all the tests the doctor recommended. I decided to give Healing Energy of Reconnective Healing a try. After the first meeting with Ted, I experienced 50% use of my arm, Following the second meeting, my arm was fully functional with no pain at all. I am thankful to God and Ted for healing me.
Jacksonville, FL
Love the FAR Infrared Amethyst BioMat with heat and the negative ions. My fibromyalgia pain was relieved with several sessions.
Jacksonville, FL
My dog is 15 years old. She was going downhill very fast. She could not go outdoors any more. The vet could not do much to help her. After each healing with Ted, she improved more and more. She was able to go outdoors again, and became playful and happy. Her life was extended and her final years positive. It surprised me that this energy even works on animals. My dog is proof that it does.
Jacksonville, FL

Energy Healing by Ted

Ted is a different kind of healer. In addition to physical healing, many clients come to experience a spiritual awakening, an esoteric event which brings them clarity of purpose. Often, it opens the third eye and raises their level of consciousness, thereby creating a deeper connection to Spirit, raising intuition, finding answers, and understanding the true purpose of their existence. Solutions to problems become clear as a new perspective opens to them.

Certified Reconnective Healing
Certified Emotion Code Healer
Reiki Master
Silva Mind Control Healing Method Certified
Certified Practitioner Body Code

Disclaimer: Ted Kostek and associates are not physicians, medical practitioners, veterinarians, or other licensed healthcare providers, and make no representations, claims, promises, or guarantees. This work is complimentary to licensed healthcare fields and is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment, nor is it intended to treat specific health challenges. Reiki, Reconnective Healing, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, the Infrared Amethyst BioMat, The Reconnection, Holistic Healing with Crystals and Essential Oils, and Animal Healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances, perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Clients should not discontinue any medical treatment or medications unless advised to by a licensed healthcare provider. Clients further state that they are seeking these services of their own free will and without guarantees, and are solely responsible for their own and/or their animal’s own medical care. All the above services offered here are a part of many non-licensed healing arts practiced in this jurisdiction. Ted Kostek and associates MAY NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS OF INJURY OR HARM, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, OR PHYSICAL.

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