The Way of Healing

The way we heal can be very different from others. By the time your body manifests physical symptoms, very likely, the imbalances have been there for quite some time.

Forgive yourself

Forgive Yourself

When you mess up, it can be difficult to forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter if the screwup is big or small.


The way to truth is through the spirit and this is where intuition lies. Intuition is a fascinating and enigmatic aspect of human cognition.

The Road to Healing

Healing ourselves can be a challenging and transformative process. It requires a willingness to confront our pain, take responsibility for our emotions, and take action towards our own growth and healing. 

Judgement and the Ego

Judgement and the Ego

Judgment and ego are two intertwined concepts that can significantly impact our lives and relationships. Ego is the cause of judgements. Read about how the two work.

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