Grounding Yourself Daily


Ground yourself daily for protection from all environmental negative influences. It’s a healthy detachment or centering technique. It not only sets up your day for protection, it allows you to connect to nature and the higher source. Grounding can be done anyplace and any time. It helps you become more aware of an inner peacefulness which you can experience.

Morning technique

One simple morning grounding technique is to get out of bed, place your two bare feet on the floor, imagine roots going down into the earth from the bottom of your feet. Visualize this, with all negativity leaving you through these roots. Mother Earth accepts this freely. Any bad thoughts, memories, anger, fears, are all let go of through these roots. Let them go, visualize, say silently what no longer is needed, “I release the anger towards by brother for not being truthful with me,” “I forgive myself for the jealousy I felt yesterday.” 

Then visualize a beautiful, bright white light coming up and completely surrounding you. Feel it for a few seconds. Then with gratitude, acknowledge it. You can say, “Thank you, I am protected,” or “All is well, I am safe.” Make up a statement that works for you. This all takes less than a minute to do. Yet, it is powerful. Some people choose to add prayer at this time. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine.

Practice makes it more powerful. At first you may not be able to “see” the roots below your feet or the bright shield totally surrounding you. With practice you will be able to see them clearly, with movement the roots will extend deeper and the shield will expand and vibrate gently and beautifully.

First thing in the morning is one of the best ways to ground, but it can be done if a negative mood sets in or if you feel danger. You can add more statements like “I can handle this,” or “This feeling will pass.” Always focus on the present, not the past or future while doing it. The morning grounding technique given here is only one way to ground. It’s a good one because it sets up your divine connection for a positive day, or at least one in which you can meet the day’s challenges in a positive approach.

Of course there area other ways to ground. Walk barefoot in the grass or in the water and sand at the beach. Choose words while doing this that bring you peace and safety.

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