Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home

Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home

It is important to clear all negative energy from a home that has just been purchased. If it is a brand new home, then the house holds the energy of the builders, or more importantly, it holds the energy of the land, the actual property it is built on. A new home is best, usually the cleanest, but still needs cleansing to rid energies of these two kinds.

Moving into a new home should be a joyful experience, but sometimes negative energy can linger within its walls. Whether it’s remnants of past conflicts, unresolved emotions, or simply an oppressive atmosphere, negative energy can affect our well-being and harmony. It manifests as a constant heaviness, causing tension and discomfort. The home feels lifeless, with rooms lacking warmth and vitality. Sleep may be disturbed, and relationships strained. 

What You Can Do

If the house had previous owners, it definitely needs to be cleansed and purified before the new owner moves in. There could be negative energy, negative entities, mischief spirits, or negative imprints due to fighting that took place, sickness, and trauma. The mischief spirits are very common. They make the lights flicker, create noises, and interfere with electronics and household appliances.

A new home can be cleansed by the new home owners themselves. Using sage smudges and palo santo sticks can achieve this, and most importantly, having pure intent to cleanse and purify the home from all negative energy that it holds. For an older home, it may require more but start with the same smudging with a pure heart and do the same. 

You can get a professional who is trained in this type work if it still feels off. Spirits do not want to be evicted. They can retaliate by becoming very annoying and frightening. Imprint energy is not easy to erase. A professional can accomplish this for the new home owner.

Clearing Negative Energy from your home.
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