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If you have an interest in crystals and stones, the beautiful amethyst is a great place to start. This versatile crystal has many uses. Amethyst is a quartz. It belongs to the divine order of the Violet Flame of Transmutation; it represents the process of alchemy, – – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Amethyst is a good healer, but it needs the healer’s energy to be directed through it. To wear it, it helps us absorb forces of physical nature and higher mental nature. It purifies energy from a lower to higher spiritual level and repels negative energy. Amethyst purifies and amplifies all healing rays of subtle energy. It’s a very good healer and receiver to wear when distance healing.

Amethyst is connected to the life force of all things. It is the color for purification, and impurities are filtered out. This stone affects the blood vessels and arteries. It is best to place it over a problem area, especially at the heart where blood flows to become re-energized.

This February birthstone has many qualities. Its beauty, alone, makes it very popular in jewelry. It helps to dissolve blood clots and is excellent for fractures and broken bones. It can change the molecular structure of things, and changes pain to pleasure, bleak into harmony. It has a vibration of love. Many people place it under their pillow to treat insomnia. Amethyst balances the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It can help in the transition through death. Amethyst should not be used for paranoia or schizophrenia. Also, point the crystal towards you to heal and draw in energy. Point it away to pull off energy.

Amethyst belongs to the Trigonal System along with bloodstones, carnelians, and agates. These stones continually give off energy of a balanced nature.

To maintain it’s deep rich color, keep your amethyst out of the sun. Otherwise, it will fade.

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