The Way of Healing

The Way of Healing

The way we heal can be very different from others. By the time your body manifests physical symptoms, very likely, the imbalances have been there for quite some time. The same applies to the manifestation of physical healing. The repair work can go on for a long time before the body reaches the point of physical changes. Many people heal suddenly. While it may appear sudden, usually it is not. It’s just that the culmination of all that’s been happening appears at once. Often it is possible to see and feel very tiny shifts, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. You are healing even if you can’t see it quite yet. It is happening.

After energy work, you are shifting and rebalancing. This processing is also called a healing crisis. Your body and your field around you go through an adjustment process. Sometimes the shifts feel like discomfort. You can feel very tired, fatigued, have mood swings, or feel agitated, and the like. This is not unusual and passes quickly. Accept the path that your healing is taking. Until the energy moves out of your field, you may not feel the full shift of improvement. Allow the healing process to happen. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Never focus on what you don’t want. Remember your world outside of your healing journey. The people, activities, and goals in your life are important. Shift your focus to achieve a balance. Do not become consumed into a world you’re trying to separate from. Think of the law of attraction. To focus on what you don’t want does not allow for healing.

Author and healer, Amy B. Scher encourages everyone to seek help. It can be an energy worker, a professional, a trusted friend, someone in the church, a loving family member, etc. You don’t have to tackle the journey alone. They can help you raise your vibration and feel better right now.

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