White Eagle Lodge

The way to truth is through the spirit and this is where intuition lies. Turmoil, chaos, and unhappiness occur in the outer world. You think with the mortal mind, with the mind which is part of the substance of earth. You should think with your inner mind; you should approach problems through the inner self, through intuition. The very word explains itself. In – tuition – – training inside yourself. You look outside for your help and but the help you want is inside. The world of spirit that so many of you talk about and believe in, and long to touch, is all within.

White Eagle Lodge where they teach intuition.

White Eagle Lodge in England.

The above is from The Quiet Mind, sayings of White Eagle. The White Eagle Lodge is a mystery school located in England, Texas, and Australia. Its work is to help humanity develop its true spiritual nature, and uses the symbol of the six pointed Christ Star to radiate peace and healing to those in need. Healing, both absent and contact, meditation, yoga and astrology are taught and practiced. 

If we could all live by the wisdom they teach, we would have heaven on earth. I thank my good friend Don for introducing me to their teachings.

More on Intuition

Intuition is a fascinating and enigmatic aspect of human cognition. It refers to the ability to understand or perceive something without conscious reasoning or explicit evidence. It is often described as a gut feeling, a hunch, or a sense of knowing that arises from within. Intuition has played a significant role in human decision-making and problem-solving throughout history.

While rational thinking and logical analysis have their place, intuition offers a different dimension of insight. It operates in the realm of unconscious processing, drawing on past experiences, knowledge, and subtle cues that our conscious minds may overlook. It can provide a rapid assessment of a situation, allowing us to make snap judgments and quick decisions when time is limited.

Developing and honing intuition is a lifelong process. It requires cultivating self-awareness, actively listening to our inner signals, and paying attention to the subtle cues present in our environment. Practicing mindfulness and reflection can help us tap into our intuitive capacities more effectively. While intuition should be complemented with rational thinking, it has the potential to guide us in making insightful choices and navigating complex situations. By nurturing and trusting our intuition, we can unlock a valuable source of wisdom within ourselves.

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