Judgement and the Ego

Judgement and the Ego

Judgement and the Ego

Judgment and ego are two intertwined concepts that can significantly impact our lives and relationships. When you judge, it is not your spirit or soul. It is your ego. The soul or spirit is meant to be in harmony with everything in this life because it is absolutely connected with God. 

When your ego is active and in control, you start using your mind more. This makes you want to analyze everything, classify everything, and judge everything, even if the situation doesn’t require it. The ego always wants to find a reason. It wants you to feel you’re truly understanding the situation or truly understanding the person.

Your ego has all kinds of needs. Be aware that any judgement always has an ego behind it. It wants to take action to satisfy a need. There is a reason your ego acts.

Start by becoming aware. Be aware of the moments when you’re judging and ask if you need to judge. Keep these words in mind: be aware and stop judging. This can be very helpful. You can hold yourself back and keep in a peaceful moment, where you can choose not to act in a judgmental way. 

The point is that judgement is your ego voice. Anything can be right or wrong or neither. There are always differences. Try as much as possible to avoid judgement, to quit listening to your ego. Whatever your judgement, what matters is not what the issue is. What is most important is the feeling about it.

This information is from the book Where Are You Now? by Razaz Banoun. Permission has been given to use this information. Ms. Banoun is a wonderful author and remarkable woman. Her love, compassion, brilliance, and understanding of the human mind is very powerful. Her book is available on Amazon.

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