The Road to Healing

The Road to Healing

The road to healing ourselves can be a challenging and transformative process. It requires a willingness to confront our pain, take responsibility for our emotions, and take action towards our own growth and healing. To believe that you are being healed turns the current of Universal Life in that direction. 

Believe the truths of your spirit, not the evidence of your five senses. Imagine being whole, vital, and strong. Detach your mind from the problem and assume an attitude of indifference. Imagination and faith works wonders in effecting healing of all illness and disease. Your thoughts have power over your body. The state of thinking and feeling is the cause of the bodily condition.

There is a power in thought over all the organs of the body that is not recognized by most. Use your imagination wisely. Imagine yourself doing all the things you would do as whole, and the subconscious will respond. Do not dwell on symptoms, organs, or any parts of the body. Affirm the healing power within you, making you whole and perfect. Feel the healing love of the Divine. Get a clear realization of this. It is what heals.

Hear yourself telling others about the miraculous healing you’ve had. Make it real and vivid. An awareness of the Healing Presence within is necessary. Turn in faith to this Presence. Be aware of the power of the Creator within you and use it to bring healing into your life. You must have confidence for results to follow.

Thoughts are things. Do not think of the organ. Your spiritual thought takes the form of cells, tissues, nerves, and organs. To think of the damaged organ suggests more of it. Do not dwell on symptoms. Know the healing power if flowing through you. Picture yourself alive, happy, enthusiastic.

Practice a joyous relationship between your two minds, to bring forth health, strength, peace, and security. The union of thought and feeling is important, then peace enters in you and you will have the joy of the answered prayer. Your mental picture must agree with your affirmation of wholeness. See yourself as radiant, happy, full of life.

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