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SIGNS Our loved ones who have passed and our spirit guides often send us signs. They want us to know they are with us, they care, and love us. Sometimes it is to comfort us. Numbers are very common signs. If it’s a birthday, address, or other significant number of a loved one who has […]


THE WAY OF HEALING The way we heal can be very different from others. By the time your body manifests physical symptoms, very likely the imbalances have been there for quite some time. The same applies to the manifestation of physical healing. The repair work can go on for a long time before the body […]


BREATHE Mindful breathing, also called relaxation breathing or belly breathing will optimize oxygen intake. (This is especially important for cancer patients.) Inhale bottom up, filling with air like a water balloon. Start by pushing out the abdominal muscles, then expand the upper chest, pause, then a slow exhale to empty. This reduces anxiety and benefits […]


EMPATHS, PROTECT YOURSELF Are you empathic, sensing and holding feelings from others? First ask yourself if the emotion you’re feeling is yours or theirs. Pinpoint who it is from. If possible, move away from the person. Ideally, twenty feet is best. If not, get as far away as possible. Where do you feel the energy? […]


AMETHYST If you have an interest in crystals and stones, the beautiful amethyst is a great place to start. This versatile crystal has many uses. Amethyst is a quartz. It belongs to the divine order of the Violet Flame of Transmutation; it represents the process of alchemy, – – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Amethyst is […]


LOVE YOUR BRIAN If you cannot concentrate, have trouble sleeping, trouble remembering and accomplishing tasks, feel grouchy, grind your teeth, have high blood pressure, are short of breath, or feel faint or dizzy, these could be signs of stress, which leads to imbalances in the brain. Most common is inability to relax, can’t sleep, and […]


FORGIVING YOURSELF When you mess up, it can be the most difficult to pardon. It doesn’t matter if the screwup is big or small. Dwelling on self-blame, however, can hold you back from learning from your mistakes. You need to bounce back. Remember you’re only human. Most likely, your mistake has been made thousands of […]


GROUNDING YOURSELF DAILY Ground yourself daily for protection from all environmental negative influences. It’s a healthy detachment or centering technique. It not only sets up your day for protection, it allows you to connect to nature and the higher source. Grounding can be done anyplace and any time. It helps you become more aware of […]


WORLD AGES Gregg Braden is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of spirituality. For over 25 years he has searched the world and discovered timeless secrets. His many books are published in 15 languages and 23 countries.    Mr. Braden’s book, Fractal Time, tells us that ancient traditions divide Earth’s repeated 25,625 year orbit […]

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