15 Minute Powerful Meditation

15 Minute Powerful Meditation

Vishen Lakhiani

This Powerful Meditation is only 15 minutes long but works wonders and comes from Vishen Lakhiani’s books, which are well worth reading and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained from them. His book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, offers practical yet life-changing suggestions.

One of these practices is a daily morning, fifteen minute meditation which includes compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. Compassion allows us to be connected to other people. Gratitude and forgiveness allow for happiness in the now. This is powerful in our daily life.

The meditation itself holds a vision for the future. It involves Future Dreams, The Perfect Day, and The Blessing. Future Dreams means visualizing the future, ideally three years ahead. The Perfect Day means paying attention to good things. The Blessing is the realization that you are protected and supported by a higher power. In the meditation, focus on each of these ideas. It only takes fifteen minutes a day and it works!

Look online at Lakhiani’s site, Mindvalley, which focuses on personal growth, mindfulness, well being, productivity, and more. To achieve all of this for himself and continue his journey, was no easy task. He has faced many hardships in his life just like most people. He started as a computer engineer at a Silicone Valley startup but got burned out and found meditation to be the solution and now teaches it to others.

This brilliant writer is helping to change lives for the better everyday, no matter your age, education, faith, background, and history.

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