Anna’s Learning Experiences with Holistic Practices

Anna's Learning Experiences with Holistic Practices

You can learn from one woman’s experiences with holistic practices. Anna loved metaphysical and holistic energy practices. She went to every type of healer, card reader, psychic, clairvoyant, past-life regression reader, hypnotist, the list goes on and on. 

Money was never an issue. Being a “New Age” groupie, Anna was loving and naive, she rarely had doubts. Some practitioners did nothing for her, so she just never returned. They were harmless. Others were great.

As a teenager, Anna loved going with her friends to the traveling carnival with its crystal ball reading gypsies. She loved their colorful clothes, head scarves, beads and bangles. Some were eerily accurate in their readings, but Anna took it all in good fun.

After her divorce at age 43, Anna was lonely and ready for a relationship. Through an ad, she connected with a life coach who promised to get her life back on track. He was charming and very knowledgeable. Soon their romance blossomed. With her carefree attitude and wanting love so much, Anna didn’t mind paying for many things, dinners, theatre, seminars, couple massages, and more. Her coach assured her he just needed to get back on his feet after all the child support he was paying.

Friends began to warn Anna that they saw similar experiences of both men and women on shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil. To make a long story short, friends helped Anna see that this man was using her. He was extremely sharp-witted and a great conversationalist. He actually had no training at all as a life coach, having only read a couple of good books. Anna was heart broken.

She came across the book How to be Financially Successful – A Spiritual Perspective by Joshua David Stone. It contains a chapter or two about experiences like Anna’s. The title is actually misleading. It is about so much more. 

Anna has recovered. Because of her experiences with holistic services over the years, she now checks out practitioners thoroughly. She looks into their certifications, training, knowledge, references, and she consults with them to answer her questions before scheduling an appointment with them. Even if they are naturally gifted in their craft she checks out their authenticity and integrity. Anna never would’ve believed that some people are not genuine. In happens in all walks of life, unfortunately. Now she knows.

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