Manifesting: The Power Within

Manifesting: The Power Within

Manifesting the power within

Whatever is impressed on the subconscious mind will be experienced. The power within is the concept of “manifesting” and typically refers to the belief in the ability to bring desired outcomes or experiences into reality through focused intention and positive thinking. This is the basis of what most people know as the law of attraction. 

Advocates of manifesting suggest that by maintaining a positive mindset, visualizing desired outcomes, and taking inspired action, individuals can influence the universe to bring about their desires. What you feel (emotion) and imagine (desire and thoughts) to be true will come to pass, whether it is good or bad. Hold onto your positive vision and contemplate its reality. Cleanse the mind and cease giving power to externals – – people, conditions, circumstances; they are not important. Instead, honor yourself and give power only to the Creative Source. Put the mental picture in your mind (thoughts and images) with a feeling (emotion) of joy, restfulness, and contemplate the happy ending and it will come to pass. Nourish the thoughts (as harmony or success) in your mind emotionally, and they will be.

Time frame? Spirit has no wristwatch.

Sometimes the results are immediate, sometimes longer. Just maintain the level of your practice and results will manifest when the time is right. It’s essential to keep a balanced view and combine positive thinking with practical actions to work towards your desired outcomes.

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