Balance Your Chakras

Balance Your Chakras

Balance your chakras

Are your chakras balanced? When the crown is balanced, you feel at peace. With the third eye, you are calm and able to solve problems. When the throat is balanced you express yourself freely. Balance the heart and you feel loved and are loving. A balanced solar plexus shows you are organized and can accomplish your goals. The sacral chakra, you have new ideas to create the life you wanted. In other words, you know how to make things happen for your benefit. A balanced root equals confidence and full of energy.

Why not schedule a Divine Healing session to cleanse, align, and help balance your chakras to achieve these benefits. You’ll be glad you did.┬áDuring this amazing divine healing session, we work on the seven major energy centers of the body: the chakra and the aura, to balance you energetically

Breathing Techniques for Chakra

In addition, try some beneficial breathing techniques. Utilize cosmic prana. Rise on your toes and inhale while standing erect and exhale on lowering. This is called the Army Breath. It is good for flat footedness, erectness, and general well-being. Another is the Healing Breath: stand erect, inhale, and hold it. Exhale vigorously through the mouth. This simple technique is good for the liver, stomach, blood, and breath. Try the Vocal Breath. Inhale deeply through the nostrils. Exhale vigorously through the mouth. It is good for colds, vocal chords, and a better voice. It is useful for singers and speakers. There are many more breathing exercises, these are just a few simple ones that anyone can practice.

They are excellent for the chakras too. Happy breathing!

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