How Important is it to Clear and Balance Your Chakras and Aura?

How Important is it to Clear and Balance Your Chakras and Aura?

Chakras and auras

Very important! Holistic practitioners routinely begin their work with a client by clearing and balancing chakras and aura. We know that the main chakras or energy centers of the body are spinning and continually taking in energy from other people and the environment. When that energy is negative, as from a fearful or anger-filled situation, it can enter the physical body and become stuck, causing havoc with our health, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

The chakras become depleted of their positive energetic force if too much negativity takes over. In a similar manner, disease first settles in the aura before entering the physical body. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more then take hold, deteriorating the body.

We have all felt the heavy negative energy when entering a room where an argument has taken place. You can feel the anger remaining from the participants. Similarly, sadness at news of a death, permeates our surroundings. You FEEL these energies and they impact us in many ways. Even movies and TV programs with violence involved are unhealthy for us, especially if they instill fear or trigger past negative memories.

By clearing and balancing the chakras and aura we experience relief from all this negativity and prevent it from damaging our inner being. You can actually feel the difference.

The peace, serenity, and lightness that results with a chakra and aura clearing is like a joyous release. It is highly recommended.

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